Intro for

One day, a great guy who made the website sent me a message asking for an intro sequence for his youtube videos. I couldn't say no, and made it. The logo was in Illustrator, so I fired up After Effects and got to work. After a couple of hours this is what I ended up with.

The idea was to make the shapes in the logo stand out and create the reactive feel with the rotations. But the animations on the teeth, text, as well as first fullscreen swipe were far from perfect, so they were reworked.

That was accepted as the final version. All it needed was a closing transition, as well as a bit lighter background. I added it all right away, and this is how the final intro ended up looking.

That was a fun little project to work with. I, personally, love the shape-based designs, which you can probably tell by my own intro, so this one was very natural for me, and what is more important, Derek from NerdOrDie liked the final result.

If you liked it and want an intro for your own videos, just contact me via twitter, or email and we will work something out. All the links can be found on my contact page.

Until then - I wish you good luck out there.