Destiny 2 themed alert package

As a big fan of original game I couldn't resist and made a Destiny 2 themed alert package which looks almost exactly the same as the "Super Ready" notification in the upcoming sequel. Of course I tweaked it so it could actually be used as a proper alert + added a text field for the custom message, but tried to preserver the original look as much as possible, see for yourself.

An example donation alert

An example donation alert

This was my first ever experience with GSAP, a JS animation library and I feel like I might do a little write-up about it in the future, when I'll have more experience.

The alert package is currently up for sale on NerdOrDie shop and you can get your own copy by clicking the button below.

And if you don't know who NerdOrDie is - you should definitely check out his website. I also done a couple projects with him, so I can guarantee - he's a cool guy!

But that's not the end!

I'm almost done with a free design package which also follows the Destiny 2 theme, which will include:

  • Overlays
  • Panels
  • Brb/Intro screens
  • Offline background

So, basically together with the alerts package - you could make your whole channel look like it's something from the Destiny universe. And again, the design package will be completely free, so keep an eye out on the freebies section!

But until then — I hope you'll like the alerts and a little website revamp I've got going on here.

Good luck out there