Free stream offline image #3

Hey there! There was a lack of content from me lately, that is partly due to me moving to a new place, and the business trip to US, but I'm back and want to get back to a proper schedule: two freebies/week. Anyway, let's jump right into the first one this week ;)

The twitch styled one is on top of this post, and the YouTube-styled one is below.

To switch between styles - simply change the visibility of the effect on the "lines" layer.

If you do not have, or do not use Photoshop, there will be both Twitch and Youtube styled images without all the text you might want to change, so you can add your channel names by any editor you like!


I used Bebas Neue, as I usually do, for the "Stream Offline" layer, you can get it here for free. For all the other text I used High Tide font, which is also totally free and you can download it here. Hope you'll like both of them!


Sources structure

All my sources follow the same rules

  • All the stuff that you might want to change is marked green
  • All the stuff which is stored in external objects is marked yellow
  • All the stuff you have to hide before exporing a frame as .png is marked violet
  • All the stuff you probably should not touch, unless you know what you're doing is marked red

Hope that helps!

As usual - everything is free to use and no credit is required, but if you liked it, please share among your friends or subscribers, it really helps me making new stuff!