Destiny 2 themed stream package

Let's get this out of the way, I'm a huge Destiny fan. I mean, I've spent almost a 1000 hours playing this game solo, and it was something I'll remember forever now.

That's why I couldn't resist but make a stream package for the Destiny streamers out there! And what's even better — it's absolutely free!


I'm sure you want to see how it all looks, so without further ado, here it is!

One of the pre-configured layouts

How to use

You will find links to both pre-exported and source versions of the package down below. So people without Photoshop knowledge could still use the package. I also made a bunch of pre-configured overlay setups, so if you don't want to spend too much time setting all up, you can grab one of the existing layouts and use that.

Just add a new Image Source to OBS (or the similar thing in XSplit) and choose the one you like.


Or, if you want to spend a bit more time configuring everything - you can use the separate image files for each of the fields, like "last follower", "last donation" and so on. Just add them as different Image Sources and align as you like.

Pro Tip: use Ctrl+E to move your sources with pixel accuracy.


This time I used the Fira Sans font, which is available for free from Google Fonts.

Sources structure

All my sources follow the same rules

  • All the stuff that you might want to change is marked green
  • All the stuff which is stored in external objects is marked yellow
  • All the stuff you have to hide before exporing a frame as .png is marked violet
  • All the stuff you probably should not touch, unless you know what you're doing is marked red

Hope that helps!


If you want me to keep doing stuff for free - you might want to consider becoming a patron! Patrons get access to all the sourcefiles for all the things I do to use in their own projects. You'll get my eternal gratitude as a bonus ;)

As usual, no credit required, you can use it as you like and modify as you want. But if you like it - share it with your friends! And that's it for now.

Good luck out there