Free stream offline image #2

I've seen a bunch of images made in this style, and a lot of people seems to like them, so I gave it a shot and made an offline background template for your stream. You can either get the PSD and edit it in Photoshop, or get a JPG text-free version and add your text in any editor of your liking.


I used Proxima Nova Soft which is a part of Adobe Typekit. It's pretty expensive, though, if you don't have a creative cloud subscription. You can find similar fonts here, or use any of the free fonts you see fit.

Sources structure

All my sources follow the same rules

  • All the stuff that you might want to change is marked green
  • All the stuff which is stored in external objects is marked yellow
  • All the stuff you have to hide before exporing a frame as .png is marked violet
  • All the stuff you probably should not touch, unless you know what you're doing is marked red

Hope that helps!

As usual - everything is free to use and no credit is required, but if you liked it, please share among your friends or subscribers, it really helps me making new stuff!