Free stream frame. Mirror's Edge inspired

I got a bit carried away by the latest Mirror's Edge, you can check my review here. So I made a webcam frame, but I thought that it wasn't enough, so today I made a full frame for your stream. As usual - completely free!

How to use

In OBS add a new Image Source.


Select your downloaded frame and click OK. Congratulations! You now have a frame.

I used Bebas font, as usual, it's free and you can get it here. I recommend using it for the info you will place on your frame. I used plain white and black colors on the example above. Nothing too fancy.

Sources structure

All my sources follow the same rules

  • All the stuff that you might want to change is marked green
  • All the stuff which is stored in external objects is marked yellow
  • All the stuff you have to hide before exporing a frame as .png is marked violet
  • All the stuff you probably should not touch, unless you know what you're doing is marked red

Hope that helps!

As usual, no credit required, you can use it as you like and modify as you want. But if you like it - leave a like or say thank you in the comments! That helps :)